vol.1【 New Challenges for Saikai Creative Company】We can help you with your online store and LINEbot development!

Saikai Creative Company, the developer of the local media “BARIGUDDO” and the LINE application “Transcription BARIGUDDO-kun”, has launched a new project to help businesses in Saikai City with their work.Support service for opening online stores and developing LINEbot (auto-responder function)newly started.
 In this issue, we will introduce our ” past efforts” andwhat we can do by introducing an online store “!

Past Initiatives of Saikai Creative Company

Here are the services the Saikai Creative Company has created so far!

LINE App “Text Transcription Bari Gutto-kun” (in Japanese only)

 It is an excellent way to send a photo to your phone, and it replies with textual information in just 3 seconds.
 Through word of mouth and spread on SNS, more than 130,000 users, from students to working adults, have used the service so far.

Main usage scenarios

 □Reading reference books for study
 □Reading difficult information such as drug names at the pharmacy
 □Reading meeting materials distributed on paper, such as


LINE App “Perapera Bari Gutto-kun

 This is a useful tool that translates the text of the image you send to your friend on LINE into the language of your choice when you make friends on LINE as well.
BARIGUIDOUN will be your “personal interpreter”.

Main usage scenarios
 □Explaining menus to foreign customers in restaurants
 □Translating foreign books
 □Reading signboards, etc. when you go abroad


Come on!
Now is the time to start using the Internet for your services.

 Amid the Corona disaster, with people refraining from leaving the house and being restricted from traveling across the province, the number of online shoppers is increasing and demand is growing.

 Although the situation has calmed down a little, the days still remain unpredictable. Take-out (take-out)” and “delivery Delivery (delivery)” and “service with less human contact. Service that reduces human contact We have to think about “services with less human contact”.

 ” I’d like to take this opportunity to incorporate Internet-based services. Some of you may have been thinking, “This is a good opportunity for me to introduce Internet-based services.

 To all the businesses in Saikai City that have such concerns!
 Why don’t you start an online store or a new service using LINEbot that you can easily start now?

What can you do with your online store and LINEbot?

 Now that services and forms of sales are changing from the past, services such as online stores are attracting even more attention in preparation for the “with Corona” era!

The reasons are…
 □In order to avoid the three densely populated areas, people are going out less, which has led to an increase in online shopping.
 □More people are using take-out and delivery services instead of going out to eat.
 □Considering introduction of contactless services such as cashless pre-payment
 □Reforms in the way employees work, such as the introduction of remote work
 □Risk and cost can be minimized, and it is possible to start immediately.

Of course, “opening an online store” and “installing a LINEbot” have slightly different usage scenarios, but let’s start with “if you are opening an online store”.

For example, we recommend the following businesses!

Supermarket manager.
 In addition to the conventional in-person visit type, you are thinking of an online service like an online supermarket, where you can complete everything from ordering to payment online. You are thinking of an online service like an online supermarket.

[Mandarin orange farmer]
 You have been selling directly to retailers and wholesaling to major clients, but in the future you would like to sell your own specialty oranges directly to individual customers nationwide through your directly managed online store.

Handmade Artists
 Those who would like to take this opportunity to start an online store where their works can be viewed and purchased at any time, as the number of fans has been gradually increasing through sales at events and major online sales sites.

This is just one example of the many possible service developments in all genres!


 How was it? In this article, we have introduced Saikai Creative Company’s “past cases” and “what we can do” by introducing the company.
 Establishing an online store But there are a lot of things that are not clear for first-time users.
 First of all, we would like to give you a chance to think about what you can do for your own business. We hope that this will give you an opportunity to think about what you can do for your own business.

In the next issue, we will introduce what kind of service LINEbot is and the price for using the service!

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