The world of 15 degrees Celsius all year round! Let’s get over this year’s lingering summer heat at Nanatsugama Cave!

It is still hot and humid, and we are still sweating profusely.

Hi, this is Lisa from the BARIGUDDO editorial team!

These days we still can’t take our hands off the air conditioners and fans. Sometimes I just want to go outside and cool off! For all Saikai citizens who are thinking so! There is a perfect place for you!

It is the Nanatsugama Cave, which is designated as a national natural monument.

I was visiting to refresh my body in nature after all that time spent cooling off in my room!

A time tunnel of wonder and mystery shrouded in mystery

Nanatsugama Cave is located deep in the mountains full of nature. As you walk along a mountain road surrounded by bright green and clear air, you will see a large sign.

As soon as I approached the cave…

The air is so pleasantly cool that even before you enter, you will find yourself saying, “It’s cool! The pleasantly cool air envelops you even before you enter the building.

The temperature in the cave is kept at around 15 degrees Celsius all year round, and the air is cool and refreshing with clear spring water.

The Nanatsugama limestone caves, which were formed by upheaval from the sea floor about 30 million years ago, are rare limestone caves that have attracted worldwide attention because of the materials they are made of and the age of their formation.

It is also a long and still mysterious group of limestone caves, of which 35 caves have been discovered and the full extent has yet to be confirmed.

Mysterious, mysterious… it was an adventure that kept me cool!

The fun is endless!

Nanatsugama limestone caves have many points of interest that you can enjoy along with the limestone caves!

First is the Nanatsugama limestone cave’s famous “cold footbath,” which is not a footbath.

It is made by drawing cold water flowing through the cave into a cypress tub, which is very pleasant and makes you feel cooler.

I hear it’s a popular spot every year, and I highly recommend it–it’s fun for everyone!

Next is “Nanatsugama Jonglokudo Meisui Ramune,” which is said to be produced by pumping up groundwater near the limestone caves.

The ramune was exceptionally tasty as I sipped it while feeling the cool air flowing from the limestone caves on the green bamboo “kawadoko” (riverbed) in front of the cave entrance!

This ramune is sold at the Saikai Satoyama Club, located next to Nanatsugama Cave.

There are many other spots where you can feel cooler, such as the illumination that makes you feel like you are taking a “walk on the sea bottom,” and the Soumen-nagashi at Omachi Shokudo near Nanatsugama limestone cave!

Look out for original merchandise for sale!

Many products are sold at the “Specialty Products Corner” in Nanatsugama Cave.

There were many products available only here, including the “Nanatsugama Meisui Ramune” introduced earlier, goods designed with the Nanatsugama limestone cave character “Ossan, the expedition leader,” and original “monster” goods.

It is located about 30 minutes by car from the Otou I.C. on the Nishi Kyushu Expressway on Route 202 in the direction of Saikaibashi. Be sure to stop by when you drive!


National Natural Monument Nanatsugama Cave
2541-1, Nakaura Kitago, Nishiumi-cho, Nishiumi-shi, Nagasaki
TEL] 0959-33-2303
Business Hours] April ~ September 9:00~18:00
      October~March 9:00~17:00
Fees】Adults 800 yen/junior high school students 400 yen/elementary school students 200 yen/infants 100 yen