Even with decarbonization, you can still breathe! ~ Environmentally Friendly Coffee Drinking ~.

This is a collaborative project by the Saikai City New Industry Promotion Division and the writers of the BARIGUDDO editorial department, as part of the “Saikai City Toward a Decarbonized Society” initiative, to create a series of articles introducing a decarbonized lifestyle that can be easily implemented in everyday life.

This time [decarbonization that can be tackled while enjoying the “margins” of the mind].

The heat of the day has eased and cool breezes begin to blow at night, and you may feel that the season has completely changed. As the weather becomes more pleasant for activities, and you have more things to do than in the summer, I think it is important to take a moment to stop and take a breather.

Coffee is an easy way to take a break from housework or work. When you know how that coffee is produced and how it is brewed, it is an environmentally friendly initiative.

Do you all like coffee?
Have you ever paid attention to where the beans come from, how they are grown and brewed?

Coffee consumption continues to increase year after year, and the expansion of farmland for mass production of beans has led to deforestation, which has become an environmental problem.
Demand for coffee makers, which are used to make delicious coffee, has also increased, and new products are being introduced one after another, increasing the opportunity to replace them and creating a large amount of plastic waste, which is also becoming a problem.

So, the ideal way to choose eco-friendly beans is to choose “organically grown” beans, which are not mass-produced and do not use chemical fertilizers.
Another recommendation is to use “instant coffee,” which requires less consumption of beans.

The good thing is, if you’re busy, you can just pour hot water over it for easy drinking!

The other way to reward yourself is to “utilize the French Press ” as an environmentally friendly way to drink coffee while slowly enjoying the “margins” of your mind.

Since paper drip is eliminated, waste is reduced and energy is used only when boiling water, so brewing is not as slow and tedious as with a coffee maker.

In addition to coffee, tea is another environmentally friendly initiative that can be done in the same way, by choosing tea leaves that are grown in the same region and organically.
When purchasing, ask for packages labeled “organic” or, at specialty coffee shops, ask the shopkeeper for a good story.

Please relax on the sofa with a cup of coffee in hand and take your time to enjoy the “margins” of your mind to see what “environmentally friendly coffee” dripped from organically grown coffee beans tastes like.

I know that some people drink coffee by hand drip as well as instant coffee, but I have been using the same coffee dripper for more than 10 years to drink coffee.
It is also important to use your existing possessions for a long time, so starting with what you can do will be an environmentally friendly approach.

I get excited when I think about all the different ways to drink coffee that are good for the environment, such as the one I am currently using is plastic, so the next time I buy a new one, I wonder if I should get a stainless steel one that does not require a paper filter, or try a French press.

By the way, coffee powder after dripping has a deodorizing and deodorizing effect, so I recommend leaving it in the refrigerator to eliminate unwanted smells in the fridge!
When placing it in a shoe box at the entrance, dry it thoroughly in the sun until it is dry and silky, then wrap it in a tea packet or cloth to make use of it.
That’s great that you can reuse the coffee after you’ve had it!

As I gradually understand and gain knowledge of “how to live in an environmentally friendly manner,” what I thought was difficult turns into “I can do this,” which is a bit exciting.
Being able to enjoy the “margins” of one’s mind while engaging in environmentally friendly initiatives seems to enrich our daily lives.

We invite you to try a different way of brewing coffee.

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