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It is a web media that provides useful information to citizens.

BARIGUDDO is a curated media for Saikai City, Nagasaki Prefecture. is a curated media for Saikai City, Nagasaki Prefecture, which collects and introduces information on sightseeing, gourmet food, immigration, and daily life.

We deliver local and deep information from Kyushu to all over Japan.




I have been living in Saikai City for more than ten years. I am a mother of two children living in an old house by the sea. I am active in information dissemination work and writing, while keeping my own personality as my motto. Favorite word: "Freedom

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I love visiting cafes, bookstores, and stationery shops! I am in the midst of raising three children! I introduce information on child-rearing, picture books, and my favorite stationery from my perspective.

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Love nature, love country life! Raising children on the island and enjoying the remote island life (limited to 3 years). Self-proclaimed resident of BARIGUDDO Shin-Kamigoto. I am a resident of BARIGUDDO Shin-Kamigoto, and I am always trying to introduce the charm of local people, things, and things.

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akiko yamano

I moved to Saikai City from Fukuoka in 2020. I am a writer and web designer. I love nature, including the ocean, mountains, and sunsets. We will tell you about the many attractions of beautiful Xihai City.

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It has been 25 years since I came here from Hiroshima on an I-turn. There are still many unknown places and wonderful people in Saikai City. I hope my article will convey such things.

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It has been four years since I moved here from Fukuoka. I am fascinated by the beautiful scenery and delicious food. I hope to share what I have discovered in my daily life.

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