Drawing AI that can create amazing pictures automatically!


On August 28, 2022, the “Drawing BARIGUDDON” application debuted as a companion to BARIGUDDON. This is so much fun!

It is a very popular drawing AI that draws pictures automatically from keywords and is now a hot topic in the media.

Send me a keyword, and I’ll draw you an AI app!

Let’s become friends with Drawing Bari Gutto on LINE.

Read the terms of use, and now, how to use it: “Send your words to Oeki Bari Gutton.

Let’s go with “BARIGUDDO” here, of course: ……! Now you should be able to get a “BARIGUDDO” picture. I’m excited.

Is this the …… “bari gud” ……? LOL I don’t even know where to begin to go into this……! This is the power of drawing AI……! LOL!

Spell (?) Let’s chant

The keywords you send to Oeki Bari Guttoin can actually be longer. If the words are explained in detail, you can draw a picture that is closer to your image. Long keywords are like a spell.

In the year 2050, Saikai City in Nagasaki Prefecture has become a city rich in nature where offshore wind power and high-efficiency thermal power plants coexist. Monet-style" painting

Oh! It looks like a map of the city of Saikai, and also depicts what looks like a futuristic power generation facility. And it somehow resembles the style of Monet (Claude Monet 1840~1926). This is the true power of drawing AI! It’s wonderful!

Mr. Nishino, the developer, is a university student engineer

Mr. Nishino, an active university student, developed Drawing BARIGUDDON.

He is an engineer who has been involved in the development of BARIGUDDUN apps, saying, “I want to make the world more convenient by creating BARIGUDDUN apps.

Nishino's Twitter post, "We've released a bot that lets you play Stable Diffusion on line!"

Here is Mr. Nishino’s Twitter post when he released “Drawing Bari Gutto-kun”. Stable Diffusion” is the world’s best drawing AI as of August 2022.

So BARIGUIDOUN collaborates with cutting-edge AI.

200,000 friends in 2 days! A happy scream is ……

Immediately after its release, this drawing “BARIGUDDON” caused a huge buzz, and the number of registered friends quickly reached 200,000!

Mr. Nishino: “We want everyone to enjoy playing the game for free, but the response has been greater than expected and the performance of the application is actually not keeping up. But if we increase the performance, we won’t have enough money for operations, so we are looking for sponsors to support us!” He said.

Drawing BARIGUDDON, they have managed to keep the free exhibition open to the public by limiting the number of pictures and occasionally taking breaks.

Regional x Technology BARIGUDDUN application

The BARIGUDDUN application series has been developed with the motto of “creating a convenient and enjoyable society through community x technology.

If you are a sponsor who would like to support BARIGUDDO-CUN, a drawing program that has become a big hit using high-performance drawing AI, please contact BARIGUDDO-CUN or Ms. Nishino’s Twitter account!

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Nishino-san @nishino_0719

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